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Who We Serve

Our Mission

The Bloomingdale Family Program's mission is to serve preschool children from low-income families in upper Manhattan. Our educational program fosters children's growth in all areas of development — intellectual, physical, and emotional — and builds a foundation for success as they begin their educational journey. We welcome children with special needs and provide the individual support services they need to become competent and successful learners.

Parents are our partners in the educational process. At Bloomingdale they gain experience to become advocates for their children and to reach toward their own aspirations.

The Bloomingdale Family Program is committed to maintaining its outreach as a model in early childhood and parent education. In keeping with more than fifty years of service, we continue to explore and strive to meet the evolving needs of our community.

Who We Serve

The Bloomingdale Family Program serves children and parents from low-income families living or working in upper. (See Federal Eligibility Guidelines.)

Bloomingdale has 147 children in three early childhood centers. We also continue to serve our children after they transition into elementary schools, with an afterschool Homework Help program for kindergarten through third graders. We help families select elementary schools that will best serve their children’s needs.

Our outreach extends to siblings, parents, the extended family, and the community. We partner with many community organizations and help our families access the services and resources they need.