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Programs and Services

Early Childhood Education

Bloomingdale children attend school full day and year round. Our 10 bilingual classrooms provide a learning environment that encourages children to explore, experiment, communicate, express their feelings, and become eager and confident learners. The arts enrich the program, and each classroom offers activities that reflect and celebrate the diverse cultural heritages of our families.

Health and Nutrition

The program assures that all children receive regular medical exams and dental care. Nutritious meals and snacks and daily outdoor play contribute to each child’s well-being.

Supportive Services for Children

More than 40 percent our children have special emotional or educational needs and are considered at risk of future school failure. Bloomingdale provides a range of services to meet the individual needs of these children. By intervening early to address learning needs, Bloomingdale enables most of our at-risk children to enter and succeed in mainstream elementary school classrooms — without relying on Special Ed services.

The Preventive Services we offer include:

On-site one-to-one play therapy

Each site provides a one-to-one room — a mini classroom with books, toys, and learning materials where special education teachers and therapists meet with individual children for a half hour twice weekly.

Bilingual speech therapy and occupational therapy

Children who have been evaluated on-site and identified to receive these services meet with their individual therapists for twice-weekly half-hour sessions.

Homework Help

Children receive our continuing support after they transition into elementary school. We offer afterschool Homework Help for Bloomingdale children as they progress through the elementary grades. This support enables them to maintain their progress and earn promotion to the next grade level.

Liason with teachers and schools

Bloomingdale maintains close contact with receiving schools, helps families choose the best possible setting for their children, and collaborates with receiving teachers in planning to meet the needs of our children after they leave us.

Partnering With Parents

Parents and teachers work together to address the needs and interests of the children. School and home are expected to be equal partners in their behalf. As parents move beyond Bloomingdale into the local elementary schools, their Bloomingdale experience is reflected in their active participation in school and community life; they in turn become resources to the program and its families.

Social Services

Bilingual Family Workers work closely with parents and families to address their concerns. We assist and support parents with healthcare and welfare issues, and provide training opportunities and job counseling.

Parent Education

We offer educational opportunities and workshops that reflect the needs and concerns of our families. Parenting workshops take place throughout the year. Topics include health and nutrition, child development, intergenerational and relationship issues, and child abuse prevention. "Men Matter" offers mutual support and leadership development to fathers and other significant men in the lives of our children. The mothers group provides an informal setting where mothers can share and grow in an atmosphere of trust as they learn strategies they can use to nurture themselves and their families.

Employment at Bloomingdale

We offer employment opportunities within the program, and make it possible for talented parents to further their education. More than half of Bloomingdale's staff began their association with the program as parents of Bloomingdale children.

Leadership Training

We encourage parents to have a voice in developing all aspects of the program through their participation in the Parent Policy Committees. Parents participate in a year-long Leadership Training Program focusing on their children’s coming admission to kindergarten and encouraging their active ongoing involvement and advocacy.