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For Families/General Information

The Bloomingdale Family Program serves 147 three-year-old and four-year-old children at three sites. Two of our sites, at 987 Columbus Avenue and 125 West 109th Street, are Head Start programs for which there is no charge. Our third site at 171 West 107th Street is a Child Care program with modest fees dependent on parent income.

We offer an enriched early childhood curriculum that addresses the abilities and needs of each child. Children who can benefit from individual help receive one-to-one speech, occupational, and play therapy as part of their school experience. To ensure that our children continue to succeed and thrive after Bloomingdale, we offer after-school Homework Help as a support.

Our classrooms are bilingual in Spanish and English, and our families represent many different backgrounds and nationalities. Our Social Service staff focuses on the needs and aspirations of parents and helps parents take advantage of opportunities for education, training, and employment. More than two-thirds of Bloomingdale's staff began as parents and earned their professional credentials with our help.

The links above will give you information about how to apply for your child, and will describe the programs and services that we offer. We look forward to meeting you and your child. Welcome to Bloomingdale!